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A prominent team of TJEC with rational structure, extensive experience, creative thinkingand effective action is a powerful guarantee to satisfy clients' needs and provide high-quality services.

National Registered Professionals

National Registered Consulting Engineers (investment), Environmental Impact Assessment Engineers, National Registered Bidding Engineers, National Grade A Registered Structural Engineers, National Registered Cost Engineers,National Registered Supervision Engineers, National Registered Construction Engineers, National Registered Safety Engineers, National Registered Equipment Supervision Engineers.

Professionals of International Certification Organizations

Project Management Professionals (PMP), Members of Chartered Institute of Building(CIOB), Members of Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), Members of Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors.

Senior Experts

Senior Project Managers, Project Prephase Management Consultants, Senior Investment Consultants, Engineering Legal Consultants, Project Managers, Risk Managers of Construction Project, Contractual Credit Managers, Project Operation Management Consultants, Company Management Consultants, Human Resource Management Consultants, Property Management Consultants, Senior Mechanical and Electrical Consultants.

Staff honors

Excellent Experts of National Construction Engineering Supervision, Excellent Experts of Construction Management, Masters of Engineering Supervision in China, Excellent Consulting Engineers, Excellent Bidding Engineers, Construction Contributors in Shanghai.

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